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Burglar Alarms Protect Your SLC Business

burglar alarms

You have many different methods to choose from when you’re planning how to protect your commercial or industrial business in Utah. These include CCTV cameras, card access systems, video surveillance and commercial security cameras. But today, the experts at WireTech are going to talk about burglar alarms and what they can offer above and beyond other security measures your…

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Access Control Systems for Big Box Stores

access control systems

Profits at big box stores in Salt Lake City and across Utah are constantly at risk from a variety of threats, and one of them is internal theft. WireTech can help. We install CCTV cameras, surveillance systems and access control systems in big box stores and other retail operations that struggle with loss prevention. In some ways, thieves can…

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Network Cable Wiring Services in Utah

network cable wiring

As more of the country gets vaccinated against COVID-19, businesses will start reopening and employees will return to their offices. Is your business ready for this seismic shift? If the answer is no, contact the team at WireTech — we provide the best in network cable wiring services in Salt Lake City and throughout all of Utah. You may…

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Security Cameras & Surveillance Systems for Your Business

security cameras and surveillance systems

Making the decision to start a business is never easy. It takes money, time and tireless effort. When you have put everything into your business, you want to protect it, and one way many business owners do this by investing in security cameras or surveillance systems. Those who aren’t in the industry often use security and surveillance interchangeably, but…

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Protection and Convenience for New Developments

surveillance systems

If you’re building — or planning to build — a new development in Utah, security should be on your mind. The team at WireTech can equip your new development with everything you need in terms of surveillance systems, CCTV security cameras, smart home systems and more. Utah has added more than half a million people in the last 10…

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Don’t Settle for Less: Protect Your Manufacturing Firm with the Best

security & surveillance in manufacturing

Each type of manufacturer has its own security priorities. You may be worried about overnight workers’ safety, loss of products through outside or inside theft, or another type of threat. No matter your concerns, WireTech is here to help make manufacturing firms in Salt Lake City safer and more secure by installing the most reliable CCTV systems and access…

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Get the Best Commercial Security Cameras for SLC Banks

commercial security cameras SLC

Banks contain some of the most sensitive, high-risk information in the world, making them especially vulnerable to external threats. Thus, it is becoming increasingly prominent in the banking industry to have more than just basic security measures such as panic buttons or armed guards. WireTech has what Salt Lake City-area banks need to provide the best security to protect…

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Protect Your Family with CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras Utah

For most of us, the safety and security of our families, our homes and ourselves is a top priority. That’s why it’s a top priority for WireTech as well. WireTech installs safety features such as CCTV cameras and surveillance systems in homes and businesses throughout Salt Lake City, Utah, and beyond. Put your mind at ease and get a residential…

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Get Smart with a Smart Home System

smart home Utah

You already have your smartphone and your smart watch. Now it’s time to upgrade to a smart home. WireTech — in addition to being your first stop for network cable wiring in Salt Lake City — can help set you up with smart home automation. Whether you want to use Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Apple Home, WireTech’s qualified…

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