Security Cameras & Surveillance Systems for Your Business

security cameras and surveillance systems

Making the decision to start a business is never easy. It takes money, time and tireless effort. When you have put everything into your business, you want to protect it, and one way many business owners do this by investing in security cameras or surveillance systems.

Those who aren’t in the industry often use security and surveillance interchangeably, but in fact, they are technically different terms, and each can offer different features and services.

Security Cameras for Commercial Businesses

A security camera, when properly set up, records the comings and goings within its boundaries, depending on what you want to monitor. For instance, you may have a camera trained on the front door of your business. This kind of setup is commonly used in convenience stores, gas stations and places where late-night robberies are not infrequent.

Or, you may opt to have a 360-degree camera mounted on the ceiling in the center of the room to record everything that’s going on there. These are popular in retail establishments in which shoplifting can be a problem. Having a recording of a shoplifting incident is helpful when store owners or managers must go to court to help prosecute the accused shoplifter.

Surveillance for Commercial Businesses

Surveillance cameras — also known as closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras — record movement, but they also transmit what they record to a remote location, live. So you can have a security guard or even just an employee keep an eye on different areas of your business from one spot at all times.

One of the best parts about having surveillance cameras is that you can alert the police to a crime and stop and stop it while it is being committed, rather than arrive at your business in the morning to find it has been burglarized and then search through the recorded footage for evidence of the crime.

WireTech Solutions for Businesses

WireTech installs both video surveillance systems and security cameras at large and small businesses throughout northern Utah.

Security and surveillance are critical at preventing loss through theft at your business, not just from customers, but potentially from employees or others as well. Having security cameras and CCTV systems installed can also bring your insurance costs down, because these tools lower your risk.

In fact, simply having the cameras on the premises, along with signs alerting everyone to their presence, helps deter crime. Plus, these systems help keep your employees safer. Having this technology is like having a security guard on duty 24/7!

To learn more about how commercial security cameras and CCTV systems can make your business safer and more profitable, contact the expert team at WireTech today.