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CCTV & Security Cameras

We install it. We connect it. You sit back and watch.

Security for commercial, industrial, and retail businesses has never been more important.

For facilities that want an added level of safety, security cameras provide round-the-clock surveillance to monitor what’s happening inside and outside your facilities.

Feel Safe at All Times

Cameras have long been an important part of any security system, giving you the flexibility and freedom to know what’s happening on your site at all times. They give you, and your security team, a complete view of every square inch of your facility all at once. With today’s high-tech cameras, you can get crystal-clear, multi-sensor, and multi-angle cameras that eliminate blind spots and give you a 360-degree view of your facility. Security cameras at commercial facilities, industrial locations, and residential facilities such as apartment buildings can also help your employees and residents feel safer.


    Monitor Everything, All at Once

    You want to monitor your business for many reasons, and security cameras allow you to do that 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without the hassle and cost of hiring on-site security guards or trying to be everywhere at once as a business owner or facilities director.

    Benefits of security cameras include:

    • Burglary prevention and deterrence
    • Employee theft prevention and deterrence
    • Inventory and product security
    • Warehouse management
    • Access control for sensitive or secure areas
    • Protection against frivolous lawsuits or injury claims
    • Assistance for law enforcement investigations

    In addition to providing the ability to protect against threats, security cameras can also be a sales tool for your business. By reviewing your security footage, you can see what your customers do from the time they walk through your door until they leave. These insights might help you improve your store’s layout, or you might add displays and discounts for products that garner attention but don’t sell.

    Stay Connected from Anywhere

    At WireTech, our security cameras can be installed as part of a cloud-based system, allowing you or anyone in your business to access footage from anywhere you have a secure internet connection. This helps you stay connected to your business no matter where you are — after hours at home, on vacation, or away on business trips.

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