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Card Access Pads & Systems

Are you still using manual locks to secure your business? We can help.

Businesses of all sizes need secure facilities to protect inventory, equipment, and people. At WireTech, our advanced access control systems provide the security you need and the flexibility you want to manage your site. Comprehensive card access systems allow you and your employees to get where they need to go easily and securely, without the hassle of carrying extra keys or wasting time having to unlock every door along the way. They also protect against unwanted access to sensitive locations in your building or on your property.

Man using card access on door

    Control Building Access for Employees, Vendors, and Visitors

    Access control systems are designed to help you monitor who comes and goes, and to limit access to your building and sensitive areas after hours and on weekends. An access control system tracks everyone while they’re on your property, and you can get a report to identify exactly who has been in an area at any given time. If you detect a security breach, this can help you quickly narrow down suspects.

    Building access control also helps you limit where and when vendors and visitors can come and go. Many businesses have areas that are not safe or appropriate for non-employees, so keeping these access points secured (and limiting access without your knowledge) can help you maintain safety and security for everyone.

    Maintain Security at All Times

    A security system is not something you only need at night or on weekends. Security systems also protect against workplace violence risks, employee theft, and even negligence that could leave your building vulnerable if an employee simply forgets to lock the doors. Secure card access systems help you avoid these and other risks as much as possible.

    Save Time and Money

    You might think a secure access control system is expensive, but the reality is that manual locks cost a lot, especially for businesses with multiple employees, or multiple entrance points with varying levels of access. Re-keying your building is expensive too, especially if you have to do it whenever you have a potential security risk — for example, when an employee loses their key or it is stolen when dismissed employees take their keys with them or you have a security breach that damages your locks.

    Adding a secure access system can save you money in the long run because it removes the need for buying manual locks and keys as well as re-keying, and it gives you more protection against unauthorized access and potential theft.

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