Access Control Systems for Big Box Stores

access control systems

Profits at big box stores in Salt Lake City and across Utah are constantly at risk from a variety of threats, and one of them is internal theft. WireTech can help. We install CCTV cameras, surveillance systems and access control systems in big box stores and other retail operations that struggle with loss prevention.

In some ways, thieves can find it easier to steal from a big box store than a small retailer. The big, wide aisles, high ceilings and large numbers of shoppers all work to provide cover for criminals. But what about the threat of after-hours thefts committed by the store’s own employees?

It’s sad, and we wish we could trust all of our employees, but here at WireTech we are in the business of surveillance, and we unfortunately are aware that internal theft is all too common. How does it happen?

Internal Theft at Big Box Stores

Especially in big box stores where employees have access to loading docks, garage doors and expensive equipment, one threat comes from them simply carrying off items such as tools or electronics right out the back door and into the parking lot.

Another way employees commonly defraud big box retailers is by partnering with sophisticated criminals on the outside. These crime rings have access to big trucks and heavy equipment that help them carry off large amounts of valuable inventory. Your employee provides them access to the building in exchange for a kickback.

Preventing Loss with Better Access Control

Access control is more than just keys and key cards — it’s a sophisticated system that helps you get a handle on your inventory.

The problems with ordinary keys are numerous. The biggest one is that they’re easily copied (even if they say “do not duplicate”). They can be loaned out and handed off to others, and by the time you realize you have inventory missing, the thief is long gone.

With access cards, you know who gained access to a certain area and when it was. Whether your employee’s access card was stolen or they intentionally let someone borrow it to commit a crime, your key card reader will tell you with certainty whose card was used to gain access to the area.

Moreover, big box store warehouses lend themselves well to restricting employee access to certain areas. For instance, you can set up designated areas in your stockroom or warehouse to hold high-value items such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, tools or jewelry. Each employee’s key card can grant them access to one, some or none of these areas. That way, if you have a problem, your list of suspects is shorter.

CCTV Cameras & Surveillance Systems

When you’re prosecuting a crime, you need all the evidence you can get. CCTV cameras and surveillance systems can provide footage of the criminal committing the crime. That way, if your employee said they lost their access card, you will have a backup method for finding the thief and recovering your goods.

Retailers work hard to turn a profit, and it’s not fair when a week’s or month’s worth of profits is wiped out in minutes by a thief. Rely on the team at WireTech to install key card readers, CCTV cameras and access control systems at your Salt Lake City business, and keep the profits in your pocket.