Burglar Alarms Protect Your SLC Business

burglar alarms

You have many different methods to choose from when you’re planning how to protect your commercial or industrial business in Utah. These include CCTV cameras, card access systems, video surveillance and commercial security cameras. But today, the experts at WireTech are going to talk about burglar alarms and what they can offer above and beyond other security measures your business might take.

CCTV Cameras & Card Access Systems

Each layer of security you add to your commercial or industrial business in Salt Lake City helps boost protection. CCTV cameras discourage theft, and in the instances that they don’t, you have footage of the crime being committed that you can use in court to help prosecute the perpetrator. Card access systems limit employee, contractor and vendor access to your premises.

But burglar alarms deliver some unique benefits.

Burglar Alarms Deter Thieves

The first thing you may think of when you think of burglar alarms is the noise that they make. To be sure, that noise is a strong deterrent. You may hear that some thieves will not be daunted by the noise an alarm makes, but only the most desperate thief will not bolt when a burglar alarm goes off.

Commercial and industrial businesses have some choices when it comes to burglar alarms. There are some that opt not to monitor them, wanting to avoid the expense and hoping the noise is enough. But this is a risky decision, especially if your business is located in a high-crime area. If thieves see that no one responds to your burglar alarm, they will learn to ignore the noise and finish the job.

Monitoring Your Burglar Alarm

Assuming you do choose to monitor your burglar alarm, you have some choices. You can opt to have WireTech set up your security system so that you are notified when the alarm goes off, and you then have the choice to call the police or respond to the alarm yourself.

You could hire a security company to monitor your burglar alarm system for a monthly fee, or you can hire your own security personnel to patrol the premises and monitor the alarm.

Burglar Alarm Triggers

When you’re considering your options for burglar alarm monitoring, check with your local Utah police department for any rules regarding responding to alarms. Burglar alarms that repeatedly trigger false alarms, whether due to thunderstorms or some other stimulus, may eventually incur fees.

That bring us to our next point — what triggers your burglar alarm. While you have choices in this regard, it’s important to keep in mind that accidents can happen and occasionally cause false alarms.

The most common trigger for a burglar alarm is someone opening a door or window while the alarm is on. Whether the door or window was left unlocked or the burglar breached the lock, the alarm sounds when the door or window is opened and the wiring is tripped.

Another type of burglar alarm for commercial and industrial businesses is more sensitive and will sound if a burglar even tries to gain access to your building. The most sensitive burglar alarms come with sensors and electronic eyes, causing them to sound if someone merely trespasses on your property.

Businesses using this type of technology have run into trouble in the past when animals or debris blowing around on a windy day have tripped the sensors. Today’s technology is much better, however.

The systems WireTech installs use alarm verification, which gives whoever is monitoring your system a much better idea of whether your building is under attack via audio or video monitoring capability. This helps prevent the inconvenience and expense of dispatching security or others to the location unnecessarily.

Protecting Your Inventory

Your warehouse or industrial facility houses a lot of expensive equipment or merchandise. When you operate a business, it’s hard to hide this fact. Your business sign advertises what you make and sell. It’s not like in your home, where you can buy a safe to store your treasured jewelry, guns and other valuables.

That’s why you need to invest in an adequate security system to provide protection during off hours, when you can’t be at your building.

If you’re reading this, it’s more likely that you are unhappy with your present security system, and not that you don’t have one at all. Thieves are notorious for targeting commercial and industrial businesses, partly because they are often in far-flung areas such as industrial parks that don’t get a lot of foot traffic — or traffic at all. Having no security system is a serious gamble.

Easy Installation & Integration

At WireTech, we want you to know that when you work with us to get a new burglar alarm or security system installed, you can be sure we will integrate it seamlessly into your existing network. We can even provide any necessary upgrades to your system, helping to bring you the peace of mind you’re looking for.

Another benefit of working with WireTech for your security system installation is that we are experienced and well-versed in all the federal, state and local laws that govern burglar alarm usage. You’ll never have to worry about whether your commercial or industrial business is in compliance when you choose WireTech.

Burglar alarms are an important tool for protecting your Utah business, but they’re not the only one. Talk to our team about our other security products and systems such as CCTV cameras which can all be used and controlled via apps right on your phone.

Protect your business — and your bottom line — with WireTech.