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Fire Alarm & Life Safety Systems


Working with local Fire Protection agencies, WireTech has created a strong reputation and knowledge of NFPA requirements. We help create systems using the best resources to protect life and investments. Our individual solutions will ensure owners and property managers are not faced with unforeseen service and maintenance expenses.

Potter’s IPA Series Wins Campus Safety BEST Award!

— Robin Hattersley Gray, executive editor of Campus Safety.

The IPA Series won this award based on its vast features such as IP connectivity, E-Mail alerts, and reminders, and an innovative addressing scheme. The IPA series panels allow the system to utilize over 4,000 sub-points on common devices, allowing only one address to be consumed on the system but several programmable points to be incorporated in that one address. This makes it the most robust line of Addressable Fire Systems currently on the market.

Dave Kosciuk, Executive V.P. and General Manager for the Fire/Security division at Potter said:

“We’re very proud to have won this award and we take great pride in our technologically advanced fire/voice systems that continue to protect and save people’s lives every day.”



The Facility Management Tool is a software program that is compatible with all Potter PFC-6000 series and Potter Plus fire panels and displays “real-time” events that occur on one or more panels connected to the same network.

It offers great flexibility in how event information may be used to efficiently organize, manage and analyze panel performance.

View real time alarm events, trouble events, supervisory events, and restore events from multiple PFC-6000 systems connected through a local area network or the internet.

Filter events to create custom data files and export them to a Word® or Excel® file. Create custom log files which separate events for a specific system or group of systems. Use this custom log file to reference activity for inspections, troubleshooting, or to export the data to a Word® or Excel® file.


fire alarm control panelSMOKE • CO • HEAT

The PAD100-CD is an Analog Addressable carbon monoxide (CO) sensor compatible with any fire alarm control panel that has the Potter Addressable Device (PAD) protocol. The CO sensing portion utilizes a proven electrochemical sensor for accurate detection of CO gas for life safety applications.


The Photoelectric Smoke Sensor is a listed Analog Addressable smoke sensor compatible with IPA alarm control panels that utilize the Potter Addressable Device (PAD) protocol. The PAD100-PD is a low

profile smoke sensor with a wide sensitivity range. 


The PAD100-HD is UL listed with a selectable xed temperature point from 135° to 185° Fahrenheit and can be used for rate of rise applications. See detector spacing limitations below. This exibility allows the installer to cover a wide variety of applications with a single unit.



Potter is proud to announce the launch of the IPA Series of Addressable Fire Panels. These panels range in capacity from 60 to 4064 points, and offer the same enhanced IP features as Potter’s current line of panels, but will additionally support a brand new line of addressable SLC devices designed and assembled by Potter in the USA.


The IPA-4000 is shipped standard with an Ethernet connection.
This connection is the programming port and may be connected
to a building Wide Area Network (WAN) or Local Area Network (LAN). Once connected to the Internet, the panel may be selectively programmed to e-mail alarm conditions, trouble conditions, supervisory conditions, test, Event History and detector status. An e-mail may be sent to the panel to an authorized E-mail account. In addition, reminders may be set to send an e-mail for service, testing or other conditions.