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Fiber Optic Cabling

Fiber-optic lines are small strands of optically pure glass as thin as a human hair that can carry digital information over long distances.

Fiber optic cabling is relatively new, but it provides significant advantages for companies that want high-speed connectivity, reliable service, and a great return on investment.

    Do You Want Your Business to Run at Light Speed?

    At WireTech, we can help you get the latest in fiber optic telephone and internet lines installed for every part of your business. You get a pure connection to transmit and receive all the data your company needs to grow and progress in the future. Fiber optic cabling is ideal for businesses of all sizes, from small retail shops to multinational corporations with locations throughout the world. It provides your business with several key advantages, including:

    • Extreme speeds — Fiber-optic internet is significantly faster than even the highest-speed copper internet connections. You can achieve speeds as high as 100 Gbps, even during peak hours when your internet service is in high demand. For companies whose employees rely on the internet for everyday tasks, slow internet speeds contribute to productivity losses, and that lost time is lost money.
    • Better access to data in the cloud — Almost every business today has some of their data stored in the cloud, and your employees need access to that information at all times. Using fiber-optic internet allows everyone to retrieve and send data back and forth to the cloud with fewer delays.
    • Longer signal strength — Unlike copper connections, fiber-optic connections provide a stronger signal even at a distance. For organizations that are spread out in a large building or multi-building complex, this helps everyone stay connected.

    • Reliable service — Stronger fiber optic cables provide more reliable service, resisting damage from factors such as weather, and reducing interference with human or electrical interactions.
    • Higher bandwidth — From video conferencing and streaming services to cloud applications and file sharing, more employees can do more simultaneously on a fiber optic system.
    • Symmetric upload/download speeds — Fiber-optic internet makes it easy for employees to multitask, uploading video files and making phone calls while downloading content to their workstations and sharing files in the cloud.
    • Security — A fiber optic system is more secure than traditional systems that can be tapped. The only way someone can penetrate your fiber optic wires is to actually cut the fibers. If that happened, your service would immediately be interrupted, and you would know something was wrong.

    Savings and Security

    While the upfront costs of installing fiber optic cabling for your business are higher, you’ll get a significant return on investment with improved security and increased productivity. Plus, you’ll be future-proofing your facilities to expand and scale up as your data connectivity needs increase.

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