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WireTech is your go-to provider for ProdataKey products. We are a licensed installer and can provide you with this state-of-the-art security for better access control in Salt Lake City at all your buildings and facilities. No matter the scope or size of your facilities, ProdataKey can help you manage it all in one place.

Simple Solutions for Access Management

One of the most challenging parts of access control is finding easy ways for all your employees, vendors, contractors, and visitors to get in and out of your buildings securely. For those who need a better access management system, ProdataKey offers a simple alternative to traditional access systems that require old-fashioned lock and key systems. The mobile-first system provides simple and streamlined access for everyone to get in and out of your buildings with ease, and for you and your team to track access and movement at all times.

Designed to Meet Your Facility Needs

From the traditional key card readers in Salt Lake City and simple stickers to keypads, sleek key fobs, wristbands, and mobile credentials, ProdataKey systems are designed to meet the specific needs of your workforce and your facility. Every part of these access control systems can be customized depending on the level of access and the specific security requirements for your buildings, including temporary access and remote access control.

Accessible from Anywhere

Say goodbye to server-based systems that make it hard for you to manage your facilities from anywhere except on the premises. With ProdataKey’s cloud-based system, you can manage access from anywhere you can get a reliable internet connection—whether that’s your desk at work or a beach on vacation. The system automatically updates with the latest security to keep you connected whenever you need it.

Detailed Access Tracking

Get real-time reports related to building access to keep you updated on staff, vendor, and contractor movements as needed throughout the day. You can see the entire system from any mobile-connected or internet-connected device and manage it all from your desktop or smartphone. That gives you real-time 24/7 control of your building access, plus detailed reports to keep you apprised of everything that goes on within the perimeter of your facility.

Hardware and Support

As a licensed installer for ProdataKey systems, WireTech can provide all the hardware and software integrations you need to keep your facility secure. We also offer ongoing support for the regular and extended product warranties and stand behind all the work we do.

Contact WireTech today to learn more about the ProdataKey systems and features, and whether it’s the best choice for your building access system.