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Brivo Access Control

The physical security of your office or other commercial facility is one of the most important things you can protect. Companies today spend a lot of time, money, and effort on digital and data security, which are very important, but it’s important that those efforts don’t take away from the physical security of your building and facilities. Detecting, deterring, and preventing unauthorized access help you keep your building, your products, and your people in Salt Lake City safe.

Brivo Access Control systems are designed to protect the people, data, and equipment that are most valuable to your business, and WireTech is a certified installer for these systems.

Seamless Security Platforms

Access control and building security systems are made up of a variety of parts that must seamlessly work together to help people get in and out easily—and to prevent people from accessing a building that should not be there. Brivo cloud-based access systems are designed with seamless integration in mind, with hardware, software, and cloud-based applications to make it easy to monitor at all times. They offer:

  • Control panels
  • Card access systems
  • Video surveillance
  • Wireless access
  • Remote management
  • Mobile credentials
  • Visitor and identity management solutions
  • Effective and secure lockdown features
  • Cybersecurity

All these pieces are designed with users in mind to be easy to access and manage from a single location. The cloud-based system also provides you with the flexibility to monitor and manage access from anywhere.

Smartphone Integration for Access On the Go

What’s the one thing you never leave home without? Your smartphone. That’s why Brivo built a system that allows you to gain access to buildings using your device, with mobile credentials. This allows you to assign temporary access for visitors, permanent access for residents or employees, and manage it all easily from your account. It also allows for two-factor authentication in high-security areas. No hassles trying to manage physical security keys, cards, or fobs, and no worries that one of those might get lost or stolen, or go missing, putting your facilities at risk.

Building and facility managers can also manage access easily through an intuitive app, including the ability to:

  • Lock or unlock doors from anywhere
  • View recorded or live activity on your security cameras from any remote location
  • Assign or revoke credentials to anyone at any time
  • Lockdown an entire site quickly with the click of a button
  • Arm or disarm an alarm system even when you’re not on the premises

Single-Site, Multifamily, and Enterprise Systems

Brivo systems in Salt Lake City are ideal for all types of facilities, including multifamily residential sites, single-site businesses, and enterprise systems with multiple facilities or entrances that you need to monitor both internally and externally.

Find out more about the Brivo Access Control system by scheduling a consultation with WireTech. As certified Brivo installers, we’re here to answer your questions and provide you with the peace of mind and security you deserve for your facility, with the ease of use you want.