Protection and Convenience for New Developments

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If you’re building — or planning to build — a new development in Utah, security should be on your mind. The team at WireTech can equip your new development with everything you need in terms of surveillance systems, CCTV security cameras, smart home systems and more.

Utah has added more than half a million people in the last 10 years, and no one wants to live too far from I-15 and the conveniences of the cities and towns along this major road. To accommodate the new growth, developers have had to look to build farther west. But being outside of Salt Lake City doesn’t mean foregoing all the conveniences and services homebuyers expect in a new development.

Home Security in Utah

Security is important to homebuyers. Everyone wants to feel safe in their home, no matter whether that’s in the middle of Salt Lake City or out in Eagle Mountain. That’s one reason gated developments are so popular among homebuyers.

If you or your buyer plans to have your own onsite security team at your housing development, WireTech can set you up with network cable wiring and all the video surveillance equipment and CCTV security cameras you need to protect your residents.

Installing cabling, wiring, cameras and speakers is easiest and cheapest during the construction stage of development. That’s because it’s we can run all the wires through the walls, ceilings and floors of your property while it’s still in the framing stages, before the wallboard goes up.

This means less drilling and less mess on our part, and your property is much more attractive without wires snaking through it.

WireTech can set up surveillance systems for you that allow you — and the homeowner — to monitor their front door as well as other parts of their property.

Smart Home Features Draw Buyers

As much as everyone wants to protect their family and property from thieves and intruders, another aspect of security that homeowners don’t always think about is fire safety. WireTech can also install fire alarm and life safety systems for you to protect residents in case of fire.

You can also opt to have your homes wired for smart features such as wireless door locks, home theater and stereo equipment, smart lights and appliances, and more.

These features will make your development so much more attractive to homebuyers than competing properties that lack these ultra-modern conveniences.

WireTech Serves Salt Lake City

Whether you’re a developer or you’re working in commercial business, industrial facilities, manufacturing, banking, retail, distribution or any other industry where you need to protect your workers, property and investments, rely on WireTech for surveillance systems, CCTV security cameras, network access control and more, serving Salt Lake City and all of northern Utah.