Don’t Settle for Less: Protect Your Manufacturing Firm with the Best

security & surveillance in manufacturing

Each type of manufacturer has its own security priorities. You may be worried about overnight workers’ safety, loss of products through outside or inside theft, or another type of threat. No matter your concerns, WireTech is here to help make manufacturing firms in Salt Lake City safer and more secure by installing the most reliable CCTV systems and access controls available.

The Best Protection

Manufacturing firms in Utah have to keep more than just their products safe. They also must protect their employees as well as sensitive information.

With WireTech’s CCTV cameras, you’ll have 360-degree, high-quality footage from all hours of the day, every day of the week. Not only does this help deter criminal activity, it also provides key information to law enforcement in the event of a security breach.

Our surveillance systems for Salt Lake City manufacturers are also useful for monitoring employee activity, as internal theft is a threat that should not be overlooked. Employees possess knowledge and access that outsiders don’t have, making it easier for them to steal or even tamper with recordings.

WireTech’s CCTV systems can be accessed remotely, online or via an app, so outsiders and employees can be monitored anywhere, anytime.

ProdataKey & Brivo Access Control

In addition, WireTech security systems come with door and window security sensors that sound an alarm and notify authorized personnel via an app if there is a security breach after hours.

WireTech can further help you by installing a ProdataKey card access system at your Salt Lake City manufacturing firm, so even if intruders were to make it past the doors and windows, without key card access they would be unable to get into the most important parts of the building, such as the server room.

Remember, even if your main concern is with cybersecurity rather than security of physical assets, a lack of physical security — such as sensors and access control systems — can make your data more vulnerable to cyberattacks, which are increasingly becoming an issue for manufacturing firms.

WireTech’s state-of-the-art security technology and expert installation means that you don’t need to be spending as much on security personnel. Not only will you be saving money over time with us, but our systems are more reliable and high-tech.

For your manufacturing firm, you may want to take the extra step of installing a Brivo Access Control System. These systems restrict access to your building and premises as well as provide video surveillance and opportunities for remote management, but also protect your equipment and data using sophisticated cybersecurity features.

Get the Best Security from WireTech

When you hire new security personnel, you have to worry about proper training and vigilance. For manufacturing firms, investing in security technology with WireTech pays off. Call our expert team today to learn more about how CCTV cameras, systems, video surveillance, Brivo, ProdataKey and other systems and features can protect your Salt Lake City manufacturing firm better.