Get the Best Commercial Security Cameras for SLC Banks

commercial security cameras SLC

Banks contain some of the most sensitive, high-risk information in the world, making them especially vulnerable to external threats. Thus, it is becoming increasingly prominent in the banking industry to have more than just basic security measures such as panic buttons or armed guards. WireTech has what Salt Lake City-area banks need to provide the best security to protect its employees, clients and assets. Our state-of-the-art technology, and installation services, including CCTV cameras and systems, will make your bank the safest it can be.

Security & Surveillance Systems

Banks need the ultimate in protection, and that’s what we offer.

WireTech’s security and surveillance systems in Salt Lake City include high-quality monitoring technology that is built to deter intruders. WireTech installs contact sensors on doors and windows, which triggers an alarm to let the user know online or through an app of an intruder’s presence. This online access to your CCTV system allows you to confirm the bank is secure at all times.

CCTV Cameras & Systems

With WireTech, it couldn’t be any easier to keep a bank safe from unwanted entry. Our highly qualified electricians can install CCTV cameras in your Utah institution so that you have surveillance of the premises24/7.

With advanced camera technology, you can get a 360-degree view of your facility, allowing you and your security team to have eyes everywhere at all times. Not only that, but our modern cameras are multi-sensor and multi-angle with high-quality imaging, which helps keep everyone safer.

Commercial Security Services in SLC

WireTech’s commercial security cameras for Salt Lake City-area banks and other business allow users to save money on hiring security personnel and avoid the headache that comes with trying to be everywhere at once.

Not only do our security systems work to deter and prevent burglaries and robberies from the outside, they can also help prevent employee theft, protect against injury lawsuits and provide crucial information to law enforcement in the event of an investigation.

Equally important, our CCTV systems will help your employees, your customers — and you — feel safer.

CCTV Monitoring in Salt Lake City

For banks, CCTV system surveillance also allows for video analytics. With 24-hour, 360-degree vision, security teams can use video surveillance to identify and track suspicious behavior, ensuring that security detail is always a step ahead of anyone who poses a threat.

One of the most important parts of a bank is the vault. For a bank vault, you don’t want to rely on just manual locks in today’s sophisticated world of technology. WireTech’s advanced card access systems make it quick and easy for authorized personnel to get into a space, while also preventing unwanted access. Our access control systems can track everyone on the property so that in the event of a security breach, you can quickly narrow down and identify suspects.

WireTech knows that bank security is of the utmost importance, and we can help you deliver safety and peace of mind to your clients and team. Contact us today to learn more about CCTV cameras and systems for banks and other institutions in the Salt Lake City area.